The Alliance’s new educational web page

As Western farmers struggle to find adequate water supplies, competing interests are pressuring the federal government to cut the water supply farmers are using to grow our food, including alfalfa, which is a foundational food chain crop.

Alfalfa is important to rural communities, and it is grown throughout the West for good reasons.

With the growing disconnect between the consumers, farmers, and the agricultural processes that sustain the world, it is clear there is a need to bridge this knowledge gap and enlighten the public about the significance of farm water in our food production – including alfalfa and forage crops.

That’s why the Family Farm Alliance has developed a new webpage to help the public, policy makers and journalists better understand the rest of the story about alfalfa and forage production in the Colorado River Basin and other parts of the American West.

This new resource features facts, reports, opinion pieces and other information generated by the Alliance, academia, and our allies in the West, including the California Farm Water Coalition (CFWC).

We encourage you to check it out, and let us know if you have good alfalfa stories that you’d like us to share.