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2024 Annual Newsletter

Welcome to 2024! As we say goodbye to 2023 and usher in a New Year, the OID Board of Directors and Staff would like to invite you to attend our Annual Meeting, scheduled for Monday January 15th at 12 noon at the OID Office. This year’s meeting will include updates on district finances, current reservoir storage, water year outlook, continued operations and maintenance work as well as an update on the construction project currently in progress on the main pump station.

What a difference a year can make. After three years of severe drought, we were blessed with an exceptional late spring runoff. 2023 delivered a much-needed relief and has helped to set us up for what we hope is another good water year in 2024.

In addition to having a more normal water supply available in 2023, OID also successfully implemented a new water management and accounting software. The program has helped to streamline water orders and tracking as well as reducing errors in record keeping and improving overall efficiency. Patrons have the ability to use online tools to order water, track water usage, and evaluate effectiveness from year to year. If you would like to learn more about this resource please feel free to contact the OID office.

Winter at OID is still a busy time of year. We have a number of improvements, repairs, and maintenance projects currently underway. The most significant of which is the construction of a new main pump station located on the corner of Combs Flat and Laughlin roads. We are on schedule to have new pumps able to deliver water to irrigators this Spring. We also have many smaller projects that we are working on for completion prior to the start of the irrigation season. Three years of drought and low water levels caused canal banks to dry out and crack resulting in several leaks and issues that revealed themselves with the increased water levels this irrigation season. You’re likely to see equipment and staff working throughout the winter to repair many of these problem areas.

I look forward to another productive year in 2024 and I hope to see many of you at the Annual Meeting.


Bruce Scanlon

Ochoco Irrigation District

It is OID’s mission to effectively and efficiently serve the current and future irrigation needs of our patrons by economically operating and maintaining the districts resources with honesty and integrity.

What We Do

Provide water for approximately 20,062 acres

Serve 898 irrigators

Manage and maintain more than 122 miles of canals and laterals and 8 pumping plants

Manage operation of Ochoco and Prineville Reservoirs

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