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Ochoco Irrigation District is pleased to offer a Dry-Year Water Leasing Pilot Program (“Program”) to help patrons manage water during the 2021 irrigation season. Through this program, patrons will have the option to:

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    OPTION 1
    Lease their water to the Program, foregoing irrigation in exchange for payment.
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    OPTION 2
    Purchase additional water from the program to bolster their allocation.

The Program will support both increased irrigation water and river flows and is being offered in collaboration with the Deschutes River Conservancy.

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Participation is 100% voluntary, and non-participating patrons will not be impacted by the Program. OID will approve participation on a parcel-by-parcel basis to ensure that district operations are not harmed by Program activity.

Final program details are still in development. To stay informed on how to participate in the program, please contact Natasha Bellis:

(541) 382-4077
Ext: 14

A Program information session will be scheduled for early January 2021. OID will include this information in its annual newsletter, to be mailed at the end of 2020.

You can also sign up to receive more information about the Program using the form below.

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What We Do

Provide water for approximately 20,062 acres

Serve 898 irrigators

Manage and maintain more than 122 miles of canals and laterals and 8 pumping plants

Manage operation of Ochoco and Prineville Reservoirs

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